Romagna at your home: 4 excellences of our territory

Take with you the scents and flavors of your holiday in Romagna

You can take home the flavors of your holiday at an advantageous rate, dedicated exclusively to our guests! From this idea a wonderful collaboration with 4 artisans from our area was born.

Your advantages? Stay with us and you will receive discount codes to be able to buy here during your holiday the products of the following companies:

Birra del Bagnino

A craft beer inspired by the Romagna tradition with a design that recalls our beaches. It is not only an excellent beer but is also famous because of the special packaging inspired by the marine style of the Romagna Lifeguards. An ideal souvenir, original and above all with a true Romagna spirit.

La Catulghina

You've always eaten the best piadinas in Romagna, right? But what if we told you that you could eat the exact same piadina at home too? Michela, a real catulghina (lady from Cattolica), prepares and sells her delicious piadinas here in Cattolica.

Bigucci oil mill

A few kilometers from here is the Bigucci oil mill, where the olives are ground as they once were, in stone. This is the olive oil we use here in the hotel, and if you wish, you can use the same scented oil in your home as well.

Tenuta del Monsignore's

The wines of our restaurant are very popular, especially the Sangiovese from Tenuta del Monsignore, a wine that preserves the notes of the sea and the Romagna hinterland, a wine that is produced just a few kilometers from us. We bet that by drinking a glass of this wine at your home, it makes you relive the excitement of your holiday in Romagna.

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