Moto GP e G week

Gran Prix of San Marino and of the Rimini Riviera

The most exciting sport event of the Riviera is coming .. the Moto GP week.

The meetings, the shows, the contests of free style, the music and the motorbikes with the unique atmosphere of the paddock! A rich program with a series of themed events will be held before the race and guests can participate to talk shows to know more about their favourite riders. This spectacular sport week is a paradise for all motorbike enthusiasts, but at the same time it is an exciting event for those who wish to be part of  a unique captivating experienc

The world ducati week

The World Ducati Week reaches the 10th edition!

As tradition, the “Romagnola” Coast  will welcome thousand and thousand of bikers from the all over the world at the Misano World Circuit, the perfect place to celebrate the Ducati week.

This special week offers several events you can’t miss: test rides to try the latest Ducati, Stunt shows, meeting with Ducati pilots for autographs and breathtaking races.

It will be a great red week, don’t miss it!

Il palio del daino

It represents one of the most fascinating events recognized by the European Consortium of History. The accurate precision that faithfully proposes the life of the past involves completely the visitors that are transported  back to the time of the “Malatestian era” making them feel the stormy atmosphere between Medieval and Renaissance.
It was a time where Romagna and Marche, were dominated by the Malatestas and the Montefeltros, in conflict for the supremacy of the territory, until Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and Federico from Montefeltro  established an accord of peace. So join us and come to see the wonderful world of the medieval past!

La notte delle streghe

‘La notte delle streghe’, the Witches’ Night, is one of the most long-awaited events of the year. Between the 23rd and thr 24th June the town San Giovanni in Marignano celebrates a night of magics and mysteries, as told by  the legends of the suburb. While walking in the town you can see theater plays on the streets, witches presenting magic stones and natural herbs and you can speak to a fortune teller in a witches’ cavern.
Are you ready to discover this small mysterious and hautned town?

The magic castle

Fairies, leprechauns, knights and dragons are the protagonists of these evenings dedicated to magic, fables and dreams.. to rediscover the charm of a world where you can forget the present and you can be transported in a parallel magic universe.
The music of the Celtic harp, of the bagpipe and the perfume of the mead, drink devoted to the gods from the Celtic people, will drive the visitors on a spellbound stave and it will wake up the senses of the magic characters of the fables.

The flower festival

From the 27th of April to the 1st of may 2018 the center of Cattolica is covered for the forty-sixth
time by the colors and the perfumes of flowers and plants from all over the world.
The Flower Festival is a symbol of Cattolica’s spring, dedicated to gardening lovers  and not only for them!
Under the first rays of sun, there will be over 150  stands who will propose many flower varieties, the most common and well-known as well as the most rare species coming from different parts of the world

La notte rosa

The “Pink Night”,  the summer’s New Year’s Eve reached the 13th edition. Performances, dances, fireworks, parties, concerts and shows of every kind characterize these exciting three days and three nights of nonstop fun!
Thousand of people come every year the whole coast of “Romagna” to celebrate this unique event. The entire coast becomes pink, pink are the decorations of the streets and squares, pink are the menus in the restaurants as well as the famous piadinas and pink are the clothes people wear. The “Pink Night” is a celebration that involves everybody, merchants, beach-attendants, hoteliers and above all the guests!

Granfono degli squali

Looking for a challenge on two wheels? In Romagna, where else!

Also this year, for the fourth time, Cattolica and Gabicce serve as frame to one of the most exciting and attended challenges of the year…the bike race “Granfondo degli Squali”.

The event will take place on the 11th,12th and 13th May and the race will start as usual from the Aquarium “Le Navi” in Cattolica. Then the race will split in two different routes: the short one (84 km and 1150 meters gradient) and the long one (136 km and 2250 meters gradient) characterized both by unique landscapes and breathtaking views.

This year we will be honored to have as guest  Vincenzo "the shark" Nibali and historical cyclists as Bernard Hinault. They are ready to compete…and you?

"Castello di..vino"

“Castello Di.. Vino" is a famous wine tasting event … and much more. The event takes place in Gradara, a breathtaking medieval village, where excellent wines from 29 wine cellars coming from Marche, Romagna and more, will be presented.

The three evenings will be animated by music and by actores disguised as medieval knights and courtesans.  "Castello Di.. Vino" is conceived and promoted by the association Wine Experience that welcomes sommelier and wine lovers to discover the oenological excellences from the Marche and Romagna

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